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Pick The Lock

Pick The Lock

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Pick the Lock is a game of chance and strategy. Players take on the role of a thief attempting to obtain priceless treasures and outdo their fellow gentleman and lady burglars. Two to five players take turns stealing valuable items from the vault or each other. The thief with the most treasures at the end of the game is the winner.

Each treasure obtained puts you closer to winning. However, each treasure has a special negative effect that makes your collection vulnerable. Steal wisely, certain combinations of treasures in your possession could make it easier for other thieves to steal from you.

The main mechanic of Pick the Lock has a small amount of wit and a lot of luck. Players attempt to steal treasures from each other or the vault by using one of their five number cards. These cards are numbered four through eight and are a finite resource in the game. On your turn you may choose to steal from the vault or another thief. If you choose the quick and easy path by stealing from the vault, you place 1 card from your hand on the table and target 1 treasure in the vault. The player to your right must set the vault lock by using the combination deck and placing 3 cards that must be less than or equal to the number you played. Once these cards have been chosen, you must guess 1 number. If the number you chose is among those in the lock you have picked the lock and you take the targeted treasure. If you choose to steal from another player this can get interesting. This works similarly to stealing from the vault. However, a lock set by a defending player has only 1 number instead of 3 making guesses much harder. However, you may use that thieves treasures special effects against him. Using a combination of the right cards against the right treasures just might ensure your victory.

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