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Jump into the shared competitive laboratory of CoLab, to build your own engine of potions, monsters, and devices. Build your own pool of resource dice or utilize what others leave behind to build your creations as the lab expands with more opportunities. Send minions, collect dice, and build your collection to best your competition and become the most renowned scientist in CoLab!

Core Mechanics: Competitive, Dice Collection, Dice Worker Placement, Tableau Building

Designed by: Jon Mietling and Jonathan Gilmour

Art by: Magdalena Proszowska


Players: 1-4
Ages: 10+
Time: 90-120 minutes


Plastic Miniatures
Transparent Resin Dice
Wooden Resource Pieces
Insert Tray and Organizer
Double Thick Modular Board
Paper Cards


3.93 × 5.9 × 0.94 in

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  • The CoLab Exclusive Deluxe Edition Game comes with miniatures and all of the deluxe stretch goals in the box. This game will not be available through typical or ongoing distribution.

    Stretch Goal Upgrades included:

    7 Exclusive Promo Cards

    84 Engraved Transparent Dice

    Double Thick Card Board

    Thicker Cardstock for all Cards

    Box with Uv Coat

    Solo Bag with Screenprint

    Additional Rulebook Artwork

    Removable Resource Tray

    Stretch Goal Deluxe Upgrades included:

    Individual Minion Miniature Models

    4 Player Colored Dice Bowls

    Wooden Player TokensBox Organizer Insert

    Wooden Resource Tokens

  • The CoLab Retail Game comes with cardboard standees and some of the stretch goals in the box. This game will be available in stores.

    Stretch Goal Upgrades included:

    7 Exclusive Promo Cards

    84 Engraved Transparent Dice

    Double Thick Card Board

    Thicker Cardstock for all Cards

    Box with Uv Coat

    Solo Bag with Screenprint

    Additional Rulebook Artwork

    Removable Resource Tray

  • In CoLab players compete by sending minions to gather resources, moving their scientists around the laboratory to build cards, add new dice to their dice pool, and trigger special actions. Each turn your will send or retrieve one of your minions to gain resources and then move your scientist to perform a collect or build action.

  • First, send or retrieve your Minion. Turns alternate between sending a Minion with your dice to a tower space and calling a minion back, always leaving at least 2 minions on the board. Each time a Minion is sent or retrieved from a tower space you will select one of the two actions listed on that specific tower to gain cards, gain potion tokens, or refresh exhausted dice. 

  • Second, send your scientist to a laboratory space to take a collect or build action. Put adjacent minions to work during a Collect action. Use your minions and your opponent's minions to collect dice, cards, and resource tokens.  As the lab expands utilize special lab upgrades to trigger card abilities, gain renown, and much more.

  • Build Cards using resources from your pool and resources from minions on the board, whether they are your minions or your opponents.

  • Build a grid or tableau that grants new abilities, triggers special effects, or gains even more renown. Each card can use or be used by adjacent cards in your tableau, enhancing their abilities.

  • As the game progresses the labs will gain upgrades that provide new opportunities for all players.

    When a player builds their 12th card the end of the game is triggered and the game ends after completing any remaining turns in the round. Add the renown your cards score, any you scored during the game, and any from your secret bonus and the player with the most renown wins.

  • Challenge reckless opponents in the solo game each with their own abilities and various Doomsday Devices to complete.

    During the opponent's turn, they draw criteria token from the bag which has a simple instruction for what action they or their minions will take this turn.  Actions like moving their scientist one lab clockwise. If they are unable to complete this action or an enemy scientist moves to your laboratory space their special power increases. When their special power meter fills it triggers the opponent's special ability which may disrupt your progress or destroy the board. 

    After completing the criteria token action, it is placed next to their deck contributing to the total criteria required to build the top card. Each time a Doomsday Device card is built it moves to its specific location in the grid, triggering the card's ability and the abilities of all adjacent cards.

    Build your collection before they complete their doomsday device or their ambition destroys the lab.

    Each player character may become your opponent with their own setup instructions, a unique set of dice abilities dice, a powerful special ability. that become this opponent giving you 4 unique enemies to contend with.  In addition, the game has 4 doomsday devices each with its own combination of powers. The Doomsday Device and Enemy Character combine to create some truly unique and frustrating foes.

    Victory is just the start, complete achievements to prove yourself against the most challenging versions of each scientist or against a team of opponents.

  • Jesse Anderson

    "CoLab really does make you feel like you're in a mad scientist's laboratory." and "This is a perfect game if you like thinking on your feet and dashing around the board."


    Full Review 
  • Rahdo Runs Through

    "Jon (Gilmour) and Jon (Mietling)... amazing! I am so blown away by this. CoLab is fantastic."

    Richard Ham

    Full Review 
  • BoardGameCo

    "CoLab gives me a puzzle of monsters, machines and potions that I want to keep combining again and again. With beautiful art and a delightful puzzle, CoLab is a rewarding game to play."

    Alexander Radcliffe

    Full Review 
  • Man Vs Meeple

    "CoLab is the type of game that will keep you engaged on off turns and jumping on opportunities to use other players minions. Really smart and engaging experience"

    Jeremy Howard

    Full Review 
  • Boardgame Spotlight

    "Fantastic dice worker placement with a fun theme and phenomenal art. The use of worker collaboration is awesome! This has been one of my favorite games I have played in a long time."

    Derek & Lizzy Funkhouser

    Full Review 
  • Undead Viking

    "A carefully simple set of mechanisms layered upon multiple levels of intensity, while still being easily taught and played right out of the box - CoLab is an absolute gem that will constantly hit your table instead of gathering dust on your shelf."

    Lance Myxter

    Full Review 
  • Learn2Play

    "Madness abounds! Who doesn't want to play the evil mad scientist and mash up some crazy experiments!?! I'll be sure to come back and brew up some more madness."

    Lance Hinkel

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  • Board Game Brawl

    "CoLab feels like more than just one game; rather it's multiple systems, meshed together into one with high-quality components and artwork."

    Nick Meenachan

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  • unfiltered gamer

    "CoLab is an excellent game with a ton of our favorite mechanics, this game is going to be a highly popular title for a ton of players!"

    The Unfiltered Gamer Team

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