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Palm Laboratory

Palm Laboratory

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Creating unique monsters, powerful devices, and fantastic potions is a dangerous business. As you gain power and succeed in your experiments you must also maintain your laboratory to prevent catastrophe. Take on the many challenges of Palm Laboratory anywhere you go with this handheld resource management game.

Designed in the style of its predecessor, Palm Island, Palm Laboratory is a SOLO ONLY game that brings familiar mechanics with a new style of play. Like Palm Island, Palm Laboratory uses a small deck of 4 sided cards and deck transforming mechanics to flip and rotate cards. As improve each card each will increase your resource production, gain more points, or help to achieve the goal of your current game.

Each time you play Palm Laboratory you will select a Primary Goal. This defines the rules for victory or defeat. Some goals add additional cards to you to generate new resources or other goal-specific objectives.

Each turn you will review the top two cards of your deck and take an action listed on the top section of either card or discard the top card by placing it in the back of the deck. When you take a card action you do so by paying any required cost and then following the action type rotating 180 degrees flipping it over or storing the card by rotating it 90 degrees so it sticks out. After manipulating the card during an action you then place it in the back of the deck. Cards that are stored will sick out the side which provides resources you can use on future actions.


Players: 1
Ages: 10+
Time: 10-30 Minutes


Tin Box
Plastic Cards


3.93 × 5.9 × 0.94 in

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Inside The Box

32 Cards
16 Core Deck
3 Minion Cards
1 Danger Meter
1 Production Mission
4 Research Mission
7 Experiment Mission

1 Tin Box
1 Rulebook

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