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After much consideration and encouragement from both the comments online and the reviewers, promoters, and fans we met at Gen Con we have decided to cancel and relaunch the CoLab campaign. Almost every person we spoke to about the game has been confused at the current progress of the campaign and we do not want some miss-steps I have made in advertising, structure and timing to hinder the project from meeting its best quality and reaching more people. We currently have 2,146 people following the game who have not backed the game so there is definitely a disconnect. Even with the “Project We Love” status we feel it is the right thing to do to take a step back, listen to our backers and come back with a campaign that addresses concerns and is stronger overall.

Portal Dragon is a small company. We have only 2 employees, I do design, development, graphics design, and everything else on the game’s end of the business, and my sister Samantha Mietling has been such a help to me taking care of the books and helping to keep me organized. Both of us work full time outside of Portal Dragon, all we do are passion projects and would never be possible without backers who so generously support what we do. At Gen Con, I got more opportunities this year to talk with our fans and it is still so surreal to me that people enjoy things I make. I say all of this to let all of you know where we stand and where I am coming from when I say, I appreciate all of you believing in this project. I hope you will join us when we relaunch. As of yet, we have not selected a date for the relaunch, we are meeting with our partners to figure out some details for the project and promotion. 

Addressing Issues

We have heard your concerns and share them. Our goal is always to reach our audience with a quality product, but we need to remove barriers to first reach that audience. 

Shipping – At Gen Con, we had the opportunity to meet with a few companies and are exploring options for multiple shipping partners. From our conversations, it looks promising but Samantha will be working today with them for details on what we can do for CoLab.

Price – Today we are reworking and requesting quotes to see what we can do with the game components to provide the game at its most affordable price and scaling the game quality through enticing stretch goals at attractive intervals. In addition, we are looking into options to see if it is feasible for multiple pledge levels of the game such as a basic and deluxe version.

Others – We are also looking into how we may overcome the logistical concerns we have had in the past for providing multiple languages and Kickstarter exclusives. 

Add-Ons – We have had a few requests for add-ons and we had a chance to talk with a few companies to help source a few ideas like art prints and plushies that could help give some extra content for fans and bring some flair to the campaign.

Development – As stated on the project page development is still in progress. We have some parts of the game we are looking to tighten up and are still open to feedback as some of the reviewers have given. 

Hearing More From You

I would like to thank all of those participating in the comments and wanted to give everyone a chance to express their opinions. We would like to hear your opinions on a relaunch.  If you could, please fill out this survey.

Though we were hopeful for the first launch of CoLab we are so encouraged by how many have come alongside us offering to help with the re-launch and encourage us to make the needed adjustments to bring what they feel is a great game to market in its fullest form. We hope you join us for what we feel will be a stronger project as we re-launch.

Jon Mietling
Portal Dragon

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